Free Macromedia Fireworls 8 video tutorials

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Free Fireworks 8 video tutorials.

Welcome to our Fireworks video tutorial library. Here you will find a range of tutorials targeted towards all Fireworks users. Our Fireworks video tutorials range from basic tool tutorials through to techniques and effects.

Learn how easy Fireworks is to use with our free video tutorials. We take you through step by step from first opening the program to complete web page layouts, tips, tricks and techniques so you become productive faster.

Macromedia created Fireworks as a complete graphics applications aimed towards Web designers.

It offers more advanced image control than existing packages, such as Photoshop or CorelDraw, for work that specifically relates to the Internet. Fireworks enables web designers to produce high quality images, export them in a variety of file formats while retaining excellent file size compression.

Fireworks surpasses other rivals as it also enables you to edit text, graphics and effects at any stage during production. Fireworks also simplifies the process of making JavaScript buttons with mouseover effects, all combined with automatic HTML generation.

This products is obviously aimed squarely at web designers who are currently restricted by the limitations of Photoshop and the endless workarounds that are necessary to convert images accurately to the web.

The combination of excellent vectors and bit-map tools, exporting capabilities and powerful Web-specific features ensure its success with Web designers. Though its interface suffers from a mass of palettes and toolbars, like Macromedia’s other product Dreamweaver, this can be easily forgiven considering the remarkable features that it offers.

Wether you are using Fireworks for a hobby or training to become a web designer, our free video tutorials will help you learn those vital steps.


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